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Woodwind Orchestra Playday

Leeds College of Music
Saturday 17th February 2018

Phoenix Concert Band

Springtime Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St Margaret's Church, Ilkley
Saturday 10th March 2018

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The Recordings

NSWO have been recording since January and the last session was completed on Sunday.

It occurred to me that the process was far easier than the recording sessions in 2009 and that this was largely due to experience.

The players knew how well prepared they needed to be and it showed. The music was always challenging but it doesn\'t really matter what is recorded; the fact is that the discipline and techniques required are never easy.

I have not heard the mix yet and I concerned myself totally with the conducting and left the production to John; a trusted and talented pair of ears!

It was a positive experience for the group to play to such a high standard and it is a great way to start the year. It certainly proves beyond doubt the fact that NSWO are a seriously improving group with few limits.

I have a tremendous respect for this orchestra as it constantly strives for improvement. It is the only way I can work.


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