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Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Evening Prom in the Park

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Saturday 16th September 2017

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Afternoon Prom in the Park

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Moor Green
Sunday 17th September 2017

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On Sunday I was invited to do a short session with the Equinox Saxophone Group, playing a version of my own Harlequin Dances. I was taken to a lovely village church where the group were to work for some four hours together that day.

All they needed was a little insight into the work and some guidance to take forward to a performance or a recording.

I was given a really warm welcome and the group showed how well they function together by being very responsive to the slightest gesture, adding it to their interpretation instantly.

Looking round the stand there are a host of brilliant players and all round musicians. I will not single them out and embarrass them even by omission. Suffice to say that they group has the potential to be quite excellent and their work-ethic will certainly assure their success.

As with any ensemble which functions without a director in front of them, they communicate well and have a natural awareness of the group dynamic. I felt that as the session went along, they became very cohesive and focussed on this piece, resulting in some very effective moments.

I would like to thank them all for the warm welcome and the respect with which they approached my music.


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