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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Conductor\'s Diary April 2008

28th April

Concerts and rehearsals, exams and course work have occupied a lot of time the past two weeks. There have been some successful events including the Phoenix Concert Band\'s Prom concert in Armley which went down well with the audience and they played very well throughout. This group continues to improve and provided that a balance can be managed in the sections and the good players stay loyal, it should continue to grow.

NSWO is ready for a good performance next week in a unique and enterprising concert which could not be heard any where else in the country. The Hansel and Gretel arrangement is not commonly used in this country, no one else will be playing Radio Days (grr) and the O Magnum Mysterium is not being regularly performed as yet in the UK. This will be an excellent occasion and will feature Eduard Ourtle conducting in England for the first time in five years.

Soon the YWO will feature in the grand finale of the Ranmoor festival and that is always a great venue to visit for a good concert.

17th April

Leeds College of Music Wind Orchestra played a concert in The Venue yesterday, which is, I have to say, an excellent concert hall with good sound and facilities. With the help of David Cockburn and Mike Tupper, the group really played some very good music and showed that they have actually been concentrating during the rehearsals. The audience outnumbered the group; always a good thing, and the programme was well received.

14th April

All groups are up and running again after Easter and they all have concerts looming and programmes to rehearse. Phoenix are working towards a \"Last Night of the Proms\" style concert. NSWO are preparing for the concert in May with Eduard Ourtle. YWO have the finale of the Ranmoor Festival and Leeds College of Music have a twilight concert this week. There is the final push towards exams and finalising of coursework and compositions at school and all of this should make sure that April will continue to be really busy. There have been a few performances of \"Closure\" in the past weeks and reports are coming in that audiences have been enjoying the piece.

When all the course work is in and assessed, some more concerts are successfully played and the weather improves it might start to seem like early Summer.

6th April

Last night, the Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra played a very enjoyable concert at Nottingham University. It was a challenging programme and for the most part the group managed it very well. The second half in particular had many good musical moments, with an excellent rendition of the Holst and a very good performance of the Guy Woolfenden. This group continues to grow musically and they will have learned a few lessons from the events of the evening.

After a hard working rehearsal on Sunday morning it was a race up the M1 to Saltaire for the YWO afternoon concert. This was a challenging programme too and the group played really well with a great deal of maturity and control.

It is now Sunday evening and the last night of the easter break and I for one am quite tired out by the events of the weekend. At the same time I feel a sense of achievement as both orchestras have a lot to celebrate and two audiences went home very happy indeed.

I didn\'t update the diary during the break as little of note happened I just tried to relax ahead of the long term to come. Don\'t forget to send the odd guestbook comment, it just helps to know that someone actually reads this stuff.

Today someone showed me latest copy of Winds magazine.

It had a three page \"rehearsal guide\" in it for Ghosts by McNeff. Oh dear! A rehearsal guide! Is this for conductors? What a waste of space that is! If anyone actually needs to read that, what are they doing in front of an ensemble?

If you do feel the need of a guide, do not waste time on stuff like that. This is what you do: The only rehearsal guide that you will ever need.

Learn the score and develop a vision of how you want it to sound. Conduct it and compare your vision with what you hear. Encourage the players to fulfil your vision with respect and enthusiasm. Go home and have a cup of tea.
Give me strength!!!

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