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Article: Concert Report

NSWO \"fill\" Derby Cathedral. 8th June 2008

Now think about it! If say, the Derby Concert Band went to a cathedral in Sheffield, could they get an audience of nearly 500 hundred people to attend a charity event on a Saturday evening?

This weekend NSWO went to Derby and the organiser some how managed to get almost 500 people to attend a concert of wind music and the orchestra took it upon themselves to ensure that no one went away with anything other than a very good impression.

The environment had a few challenges for the group. We discussed them at the rehearsal and this time they took it on board. They played with intelligence, experience, awareness and restraint. The music was challenging throughout from orchestral transcriptions to choral arrangements. I have to say that this concert really proved that progress has been made in this group. The Holst was sublime in places and that is only how it should be.

The group accompaniment to the soloist, Kate Brown, was just right and she made the most of the opportunity with a musical and gentle performance. At the end of the evening I felt that the job had been done well and this was certainly the opinion of all of the audience members who talked to me on the way out.

Having had a very successful concert at Ranmoor with YWO it is great to follow it with an equally good performance in Derby and the group should be very proud of themselves.

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