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Phoenix Concert Band

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Phoenix Concert Band
Canal Gardens, Roundhay
Sunday 3rd June 2018

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Rhapsody in Blue

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Albert Hall, Nottingham
Sunday 17th June 2018

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Article: Shades of Harlequin

Shades of Harlequin

It \'s easy to forget in the thick of things, that ensemble music is something precious and one of the most subtle forms of artistic communication. The communication is a network of signals from the composition process through rehearsal into performance. It goes in multiple directions from instrumentalist to one another and from director to the group; finally to the listening public.

I have spent years working with Harlequin to make this second nature; and it really is natural to this group to express themselves musically in order to create something special. Last night at St Mark\'s in Sheffield the group excelled themselves, producing a terrific sound and an involvement in the performance that communicated the music extremely well.

They premiered the brass version of Closure which I am now certain is a good piece. They accompanied the choir well and also produced a sparkling performance of Harlequin Dances without the muddiness of previous performances of the larger saxophone version. I was very proud of the group and particularly proud of the players who came in late in the day to cover for illness and unavailability.

It is a shame that Harlequin have had so few opportunities to perform in public this year. It is one of their strengths and I hope that more people will hear them in 2008/9.

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