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Phoenix Concert Band
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Saturday 10th March 2018

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Conductor\'s Diary December 2008

4th Dec

This diary has not been updated for a while. Why? It\'s simply becuase this time of year has been busier than ever.
What has been happening? Rehearsals, UCAS references, ITT students to mentor, classes to teach, technology to fix, new AS level course to teach, concerts, but today it\'s heavy snow and a day off; apart from a rehearsal this evening which might be compromised by the weather.

A lot has been said about schools closing at times like these but nowadays so many people travel further to work and school that a school may not function safely without at least a skeleton staff. Just think about the memories that children can take from a real snow day like this. I can still remember the ones from my school days in Aberdeen and to be honest there were few real closure days.

I hope they go out and throw snowballs, sledge, slide and bulid snowmen and indeed build memories which all adds to their education and development. There is more to learning than sitting in front of a teacher all day. Certainly this teacher.

So today I\'m going to do nothing useful. I did walk the dogs in a field full of snow. At least 8\" which gives the short legged spaniel a challenge; not to mention the shortish legged doggie walker!

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