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Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Evening Prom in the Park

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Saturday 16th September 2017

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Afternoon Prom in the Park

Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Moor Green
Sunday 17th September 2017

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A New Year...together!

All of my groups are preparing for another hectic but rewarding year. NSWO have recordings to make and concerts to prepare, Phoenix have a full programme of events and a full ensemble to work with, Harlequin have exciting concerts and possible tours, and YWO have some important decisions to make to secure their future. In the midst of the freezing January blues it will take energy and enthusiasm to drive things forward but fortunately I am not alone in my endevours.

I am supported by some amazing people who work tirelessly to make things happen; working with musicians can be very frustrating and enfuriating at times. I am sure that working with me isn\'t always easy either but those who do command my deepest respect and affection.


I look forward to working with you in 2009 and together we will achieve for our groups the very best that we can as we always do.

Onward and upward.

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