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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Article: YSC Recording Weekend

YSC Recording Weekend

At the beautifully tranquil setting of Knuston Hall the members of the Yorkshire Saxophone Choir assembled for a full weekend of recording to complete a CD project. I was invited to direct the group for the recording and I thought long and hard before making a decision owing to my turbulent history!

The group is made up of some musicians I have known for a long time. I trust them and they trust me. The challenge is enormous in this sort of venture because the music, whether arranged or composed, is often written with minimal inside knowledge of this, or any other sax ensemble. It as actually amazing to hear the difference between pieces written by those who have this knowledge and those who simply do not. You only have to look at anything by Nigel Wood to see what inside knowledge and actually composition skill can achieve. Others are less impressive, often dealing out massive problems for the group in terms of range, stamina, and intonation.

The YSC worked tirelessly to try to overcome every obstacle and to get as good a final product as possible. They played together for over 18 hours and developed during the weekend some more comprehensive ensemble techniques, all of which will help then to grow as a musical unit.

There was a vast amount of material and a limited amount of time. Any recording outcome will be finally judged against a calculation involving those factors.

I must praise the patience, strength and work ethic of this group. There are always problems to solve in ensembles but they have shown that they have the right attitude to solve tham all in the end.

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