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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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keiron Andreson

20th December 2010



Keiron says:
aawww you\'re only saying that because you know its true.

Cheers Andrew,


Ilkley Chroal Society Workshop

18th November 2010

Hello Keiron- thank you for doing the workshop today with us singers and your students! It was great fun- hope the children enjoyed it! We certainly did. Same time next year? :)


Keiron says:
It was great to see you all here again and in such fine voice!

Collective nouns - saxophonists

7th November 2010

Perhaps this depends on the author?
Henri Selmer might say \'une profit of...\'
Adolphe Sax: a regiment (or platoon).
Billy May, a slurp.

Kenneth Morris

Keiron says:
Certainly! I love collective nouns-and more-so when it invloves lots of players.

Missing players

16th June 2010

I can\'t agree more. It\'s also a matter of integrity. If you\'re part of something I believe that you have a duty to do your best to attend plus there\'s the matter of consideration for your friends.

Andrew Platts

Keiron says:

All the best Andrew

An exuberance of saxophones

27th April 2010

Hi Keiron

Just to say your presence on Saturday was greatly appreciated - you managed to get great results on the challenging massed sax piece in a very short space of time. I\'m sure also that Sarah will have appreciated your deft touch conducting the YSC, who accompanied her so well in the Ibert.

Best wishes


Keiron says:
It was made easier by the high level of preparation by the soloists and the atmosphere of determination shown by all.

New Year

4th January 2010

Dear Keiron
A happy new year to you, your family and all your groups. Most of all, I wish you good health and, of course, many good musical experiences.


Keiron says:
Thank you Eduard and the very best to you for 2010.

Happy Christmas!

24th December 2009

Hope you have a well-earned rest.

Looking forward to some exciting plans for NSWO in 2010 - recording, concerts and tour!

Nicola, NSWO

Magnanimous remarks

4th November 2009

David Cockburn

magna carter

3rd November 2009

many thanks kieron for guiding us through what was a potential minefield . you are the skipper of a great ship and the crew are fully worshipfull and greatful for your navigation skills and although this wasnt one of our strongest event we pulled together and produced a memorable show which the audience appreciated . i think we are being tested both musically and technically to new horizons and we all need to make sure our boots and uniforms are in trim and to the reqiured standard to fulfil our roles so we can match your undeniable prowess and leadership from the helm. long may it continue skipper

brian winter

Keiron says:
Yes we came through the storm intact, with perhaps a tiny bit of vomit on the odd carpet! Thanks Brian.

Birthday :-)

12th October 2009

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one. Enjoyed the Harlequin gig last night. How weird to be at IGS again!


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