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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Avoiding xmas

2nd November 2008

I don\'t know... Any excuse to avoid rehearsing xmas music with NSW!!!

I thought you were supposed to get ill when school breaks up not at the end of the hols! Eat more fruit and veg!!

Jane Gage (bassoon)

I name that tune in..........

10th October 2008

Got to be the great classic \'Tie Me Kangeroo Down Sport\'. I take it banging up felons is not particularly riveting!!

Hilary Pattison

Keiron says:
wrong! But an interesting try.You were put off by Rolf Harris and so am I!


9th October 2008

Hope you had a great day and the doggies are both getting better too.


Keiron says:
thank you they are


29th September 2008

Its Gnu time again and i \'m looking forward to another successful trip and also confirming my availability for concert 18th oct with bp on sun 5th. c u in gnuville

brian winter

Keiron says:
I gnu you\'d say that!

Long lost friends

11th September 2008

Colin and Doris Manson (nee Wiseman) would love to hear from you. Saw your website, you have done very well with your music.

Colin & Doris Manson

Keiron says:
Colin and Doris met at a party at my place in or around 1971. doris was in my class at school and Colin played football with my brother. I played too and was just as bad as I am now only faster!

Queensbury v Ilkley the weather!?

6th September 2008

Is the rain in Ilkley as bad as here in Queensbury? I was wondering if I will need my wellies on Tuesday or should I put a call in to Noah!
Looking forward to getting back on the treadmill of work and I may even get back in practice. Oh just realised YWO is the day before Ooops! Never mind I\'ll blame the bum notes on Nicky. See you there.


Keiron says:
Rain is least of my problems at te moment. I it floods in Queensbury, we are all DOOMED!. I look forward to you coming on Tuesday; wellies? Oh go on then!

Austria Tour

11th August 2008

You don\'t have to be a tall man to cast a long shadow. Well Done Keiron

Paul Tombs

Keiron says:
All you need is a box to stand on! Cheers

NSW Austria Tour

10th August 2008

Nicola, NSW

Keiron says:
I was impressed during the tour by many aspects of the event. The organisation, the planning, the attitude of the players, the social atmosphere, the teamwork and I have to say the orchestra. Your continued success is no accident!

Banjo Playing Hedgehogs

3rd July 2008

I found you hedgehog saga amusing and informative. That is until you started to enter the realms of fantasy. Anyone with a modicum of fretted instrument knowledge would know that when the hedgehog rolled into a ball the neck of the banjo would be sticking out quite a way. This would to a certain extent negate Rule One. Therefore the hedgehog MUST have been playing a Ukelele banjo.

Paul Tombs

Keiron says:
Now that\'s just silly! How can he play a banjo or a uke when he\'s clearly on the phone. It is against hedgehog law to use amobile whilst in control of a banjo; if anyone is ever in control of a banjo!

Re. Prickly situations

26th June 2008

In my capacity as the unofficial mascot of the Yorkshire Wild Orchestra (or should that be Wind Orchestra?) I am bitterly disappointed that a small defenceless (ok, not entirely defenceless) animal has been mindlessly used as a subject of humour without the slightest concern for its wellbeing. It may have been physically unharmed but what about the emotional damage?
P.S. I am a little confused, is Amanda suggesting the hedgehog is a musician, if so, what does he play??

Basil the YWO Squirrel

Keiron says:
I have researched this and he plays the banjo; or at least he seems to be playing it. He does appear to be attracted to the instrument in some fashion. He has also become very attached to a clothes brush.

The hedgehog could have had a much worse situation to deal with if the dog took him too close to the main road.

Hedgehod strategy No.1 is not too effective under the wheels of a moving vehical. However, hedgehog strategy 1 a reads:

If you hear a car coming roll up into a ball. Then tightly close ear, nose mouth and eyes. It is essential that the arse muscles are tight too.

\"What happens if they\'re not?\"

\"Well your brains shoot out your ass!\"

It\'s tough being a hedgehog.


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