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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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Well Done Keiron

28th January 2008

This website is fantastic however if you had more time you could tell we regular reader of your daily life anecdotes etc.


Keiron says:
I try to keep to matters of music and conducting although I can get sidetracked.

Happy Christmas!!

21st December 2007

Just to wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2008!!

Already looking forward to next year and the workshop day with Ian Wright...

Alan, NSWO

Keiron says:
Happy Christmas Alan and all the great percs! Yes it will be great. Good luck with the Kids concert!


Christmas in November.

28th November 2007


Keiron says:
It certainly was fun and it was great to see so many people there. Musicians have to take such occasions when they can, even in November! Sometimes we are too busy whilst everyone else is celebrating. Actually my own December is not too scary and I have New Year\'s Eve free for only the second time since about 1979. I have earned a bit of celebration!

Sax fact

24th November 2007

What it the difference between a saxaphone and an anchor.
You don\'t tie a rope to a sax when you throw it over board :-)

Sackbut strangler

Keiron says:
Harsh! Only sometimes true-yes, I have had to stop myself from throwing the odd sax overboard but do listen to Equinox\'s new CD for a revelation in phrasing, balance, varied attack and fundamental musicality. I hope some notable sax groups have listened to it.

Multi tracking or Not

22nd November 2007

Janacek with enlarged group sounds great. Will bring the euph along next time. Feelers are already out for a bass trumpet.

At last, a chance to use one.

The Harlequin CD will be full of stuff I think will appeal to players and listeners alike Can\'t wait to get in the studio to do it.


Rich - Harlequin

Richard Walker

Keiron says:
It also gives players an opportunity to play other parts.


Questions questions

10th November 2007

Tricia Neal

Keiron says:
My students are not using numu. I\'d like to know more about it.

Twenty Years of NSW!

5th November 2007

Nicola, NSWO

Keiron says:
It was a memorable event and the first half contained the best playing that I have heard from NSWO. No buts!


12th October 2007

Hi Keiron
Just to let you know how much I enjoy playing with the YWO. I look forward to every rehearsal and concert.
thank you all your work with the Orchestra , it is much appreciated.

Steven Ford

1.000 voices Amsterdam

2nd October 2007

Dear Mr. Keiron Anderson,
Thank you so much to been in Holland.
You conduct our choir perfectly, it was great to sing under your conducting!!
More then 500 soprano\'s and 500 alto\'s were very, very happy with you.
You look wonderful and we hope to meet you agian next year in Amsterdam.

Kind regards; all the lady\'s of the Holland Choir

Nanyboy from Holland

Keiron says:
Dear Nanyboy,

You were a fantastic host, organiser and conductor. Thanks from myself and all the members of Harlequin Brass.

PS I hope you get back on television on Saturday nights!


Forthcoming year and holidays

10th September 2007

Hi Keiron,
Hope that you have recovered from our week in Menorca!! Looking forward to getting back into it, as it were, but will miss those heady few days of Rioja and sea-food! Thanks to Anne for being so welcoming that week!! Here\'s to a fantastic Season and of course, the 3rd November and Workshop!

Nick Milburn

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