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Phoenix Concert Band

Autumn Concert

Phoenix Concert Band
St George's Church, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR
Saturday 14th November 2020

Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble


Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble
Monday 30th November 2020

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20th February 2007

I hate not being able sleep. But I thought a really worthwhile way to spend my time at 4am would be to download Delaney\'s Donkey from the magic t\'interweb. So I could see what Anne was singing at me the other week. Ha ha!


Keiron says:
Go to bed you daft bugger!

re jan 16th diary

18th January 2007

Yes yes yes, parents who simply let their kids/offspring/children and the whole rest of the band down by a combination of ignorance and laziness are rife in Sheffield too. Before Christmas I had a gig with my band for one of the parents 25th wedding party and of a band of 28 members, not only did 10 cancel on the day, a further 3 failed to show. This left us with half a band, no music stands, no scores for me, no mics or elec stuff. Humph. cross me. Those that did turn up were excellent and we got away with it...but just think how good it would have been if we had the whole shabarkle!

Dave Trom (NSWO)

Keiron says:
I know, we need to rant!! Sol let\'s do it!

Nottingham matters!

13th January 2007

Hi Keiron,

Just to say I\'m looking forward to what looks like being a busy year for NSWO, with quite a few concerts, twentieth anniversary celebrations and a planned residential weekend. We can only hope the M1 remains your friend, and we make your many trips worthwhile!


P.S. I also vote for \'most recent first\'!


Keiron says:
Hi Nicola.

Most recent first will win. I think I should start that system in February so as not to confuse my three readers or me in fact.

YWO first rehearsal

9th January 2007

David Cockburn

Keiron says:
Well done last night. Most recent items at the top would be good, although I tend to just ramble on without ever thinking anyone will actually read it all. See you soon!


3rd January 2007

see some pics of my new year and the tunes and the dancing at


Happy New Year Keiron!!

3rd January 2007

Your new year sounds fab, particularly the session with songs, fiddlers and red wine. We had songs, fiddlers and red wine too. And a harmonium. And some other stuff. And cocktails and port. We celebrated new year three times because there were Finnish and Danish people there (with the relevant traditions which involved fireworks and jumping off chairs.) We played tunes and ceilidh danced in the kitchen. It was great. And hopefully a great start to a great year. I am so excited about the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra, it\'s brilliant having the website to get to know people and access the music. See you next week and best wishes to you and family for 2007.


Keiron says:
I did think about you during the session. You would have loved it. See you soon.

nappy new year

2nd January 2007

lets hope and wish this is the year of the rebirth of the great y.w.o. its a group which has the potential to be a winner and with kieron at the helm it deserves to succeed. brian

brian winter

Your Fantastic Conductors Diary

2nd January 2007

I love reading your diary but hate the scrolling up and down. Can you start a new one each month in 2007 or one per quarter at least? - please sir, go on sir!!


Keiron says:
What a good idea. I think a monthly to start with.

Amanda, you are great!


28th December 2006

I\'ve recently joined the YWO and I thought I would find a little more about the conductor. Your Diary is very good and amazed at how much you cram into your time (I thought I was busy). Keep up the good work with the site!

Rebecca Butterfield

Keiron says:
I look forward to meeting you in January.


19th November 2006

Heard a lot about this site in our classroom chats but never got onto it until now, must take you forever to do all that you do and keep this going as well!! I\'m Keiron\'s student teacher (bless!) and so far he has been nothing but inspirational - a bit of a gnu from time to time, but I think there\'s a bit of gnu in all of us, don\'t you? Great site, I even read the diary! (don\'t quiz me on it at school though, ok?!)

Katy Field

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